Année 2018-2019

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 Lets' Break up Tomorrow  Dance Her Home Cowgirls


Bring Down The House Clear Isabel Old And Grey

Woman Amen

Hal a Cha Tender Day Of The Dead

Dear Friend

Desirable Desirable Sweet Caroline

Th-Guest Ranch

Crash and Burn Home by Bearna 3 Days Road

Dear Life

Girl of The Summer Gypsy Queen Ouzo And Black

Day of the Dead

Ghost Town The Road Never Taken California

I Got this Too

Hello Heart Sweet Caroline I Got This Too

See ya Cecilia

Nashv'illac Country Roots Raining Glitter

Back to the Bar

Things Lonely Drum I Be U Be

All The King's Horses

Everybody'Here AB Nashv'illac Country Tender

Streets Of You

Another Country Helle Heart Electric Rodeo

The South

Whiskey Bridges Soldier Let's Go There


Joke Love Takes Time Me And Johnny Cash

That Makes Me

Why Don't You Story Start Over Again

Sweet Eyes

Cheyenne Rock Sangria Love Takes Time

Electric Rodeo

Hold The Line Where I Come From Celtic Duo


Break It Back Down Tell The World You're My Anthem

Those Where The Nights

Doin'me Wrong Night We Won't Forget White Whisky


Walking Shoes On Air Sangria

Kinda Like Now

Green Earth Bring It Damn

You're My Anthem

Clear Isabel Mountains To The Sea Earthbound Day Of Victory
Sangria Alice Back To The Bar White Whisky
Texas Time Stars Stripes and Dirt Nothing But You Hell Or High Water
Country Bump Simple As Doctor Doctor Shadows
  Middle Of The Road Story Earthbound
  Country Never Goes out of Style Farmer' Wife Nothing But You
  Hole Down In My Heart Woman Amen Chasin' Tail Lights
  Blue Cowboy Chasin's Tail Lights Bound Ta Git Down
    Simple As Safe Haven
    Bud Light Blue Gentle Of My Mind
     Crank It To 10 Your Love Is The Drug
      American Made
      With You