Année 2022-2023

Cours Débutant Cours Novice  Cours Intermédiaire  Cours Confirmé
Heave Away Mama & Me  Martha Divine

Settle For a Beer

Desperately In Love Country Boys She Is Dangerous  1-2 Snap 
Boots On Flip It Dim The Lights  Life With Me 
Good To Me 2 Stepping Away Hose Water  Get Up 

Flip It

Fish In The Sea

I've Seen It All  Martha Divine 
Fish In The Sea 11 Beers  Without Me  All Night 
Too Drunk To Drive Getaway Love Is Where You Are  Tourist 
After Road Happy Day Children Of Summer  Half Past Tipsy 
The One Til The Neon's Gone Tick Tock  Up 
Alaska Dream AB 21 st Century Money On You Knock Off 
Out On The Dance Floor Hose Water Knock Off  Zanzare 
Easy Dance Never Met a Beer Tourist  Without Me 
The Road She Is Dangerous Makes Me Wonder  Have a Broken Heart 
Radio Song The Road Nickajack  Here We Go 
Big Truck Same Boat Her We Go  On The Road Again 
Intoxicating Station 4 Country Thunder  Boots Are Shaking 
Raising Hell Corn Goodbye June  Sweat and Dust 
She's a Fire Crazy Song Make This Day  The Difference 
Strait Down Wannabes Raised Like That  Gypsy Rosa Li 
Come On Dance With Me Done Devil  Daughters Of The Sun 
  Devil Good Taste In Women  City of Music
  Dallas Cowgirl Honky Tonk Floor  Thelma & Louise 
    Something You Love  Daytona Sand
    Til You Can't  Dock Rock
    Sweet Ireland   

Année 2021-2022

Cours Débutant Cours Novice  Cours Intermédiaire  Cours Confirmé
Raising Hell Bam Bam  Bam Bam

 Bam Bam

Strait Down Locash All In  Thelma & Louise 
Remember D Getaway Playboys  The Difference 
Coffee Days and Wiskey Nights The Road City Of Music  Town Of Hope And Memories 


The Little Farmer

Heard You In A Song

Small Town Summer  On The Road Again 
Good to Me All In  Til You Can't  Half Past Tipsy 
Big Truck Go Find Another Money On You  Shadows 
I Love This Life Eyes On You Dixie Fix  Til You Can't 
Easy Dance Bring It What We're Made Of  City Of Music 
Cerveza Down Something You Love  Money's All Gone 
Celtic Garden Brokenhearted Raised Like That  Now Or Never 
Radio Song Crazy Song You Are  The Only One 
When You Smile Better Late Than Never Country Friends Cruise  Daughters Of The Sun 
Born To Be Great Telepathy John Henry  Hardy 
Go Country Everybody's Got Somebody Corn  Another Night Like This 
Chill With You Playboys Good Taste in Women  Dixie fIX 
Love Ain't These Old Boots Another Night Like This  We Are One 
Where I Belong Go Country Bad Fiddling  Good Taste in Women 
Nobody Leaves A Girl Like That 2 Hell And Back Cowboys Don't Cry  Safe Haven 
Take Me Home Double S Forge Ahead  Bethlehem Child 
These Old Boots Corn Strait To The Bar  Pick Her Up 
Straight To Hell Endless Country Thunder  Honky Tonk Mood 
Little King's Horses Forge Ahead You're My Anthem  Wintergreen 
  Dust    Keep It Simple
  Backroad Nation   Born To Love You 
  Down To The Honkytonk   Thinking' Bout You 

Année 2020-2021

Cours Débutant Cours Novice  Cours Intermédiaire  Cours Confirmé
These Old Boots Down Woman Amen

Honky Tonk Mood

Take Me Home Backroad Nation Strait To The Bar


Road House Rock Endless Music For The Road

Keep It Simple

Straight To Hell Brokenhearted You're My Anthem

Dose Of Country

Nobody Leaves A Girl

Like That

Everybody's Got Somebody

But Me

Love Up On Me

Born To Love You



Année 2019-2020

Cours Débutant Cours Novice  Cours Intermédiaire  Cours Confirmé
Desirable Amity Make a Little


Heard You In A Song The Roads Never Taken Chasin' Tail Lights

Honky Tonk Time Machine

Nashv'illac Country Codigo Bad Fiddling

Midnight Mess Around

Danse Salon Country 2020 Down to the HonkyTonk You Are

Keep it Simple

Ghost Town Make a Little Day of the Dead

Bad Fiddling

Born to Be Great Endless Danse Salon Country 2020

Gone West

Tennessee Boy Danse Salon Country 2020 Strait To The Bar

Danse Salon Country 2020

By and By Story Damn

Hush Money

Texas Time Simple As Texas Time

Strait to the Bar

Country Bump Down Single Man

Safe Haven

Straight to Hell Sangria You're My Anthem


What Makes You Country Girl in a Cowboy Hat Music For The Road

Born To Love You

  Road House Rock 3-2-1 Bethlehem Child
  Tender (Arnaud Marraffa) Nothing But You Bound Ta Git Down
   Drinking Problem Cowboys don't Cry Streets of You
      You're My Anthem
      Dose of Country
      Those Where the Nights
      Just Sayin'